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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

High Top Propagator Dome

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High Top Propagation Dome is perfect for germinating and propagating seedlings and cuttings. 

The humidity dome helps improve the germination rate by maintaining humidity and temperature to enhance and maximize the germination rate under the propagation dome.

This clear dome allows for light to pass through while still maintaining the temperatures and humidity by trapping heat and moisture levels for optimum germination.

Propagation Tray and Dome is ideal for successfully starting seeds or rooting cuttings. 5 of these seedling trays (sold separately) fit perfectly into the propagator tray.

Humidity domes are very useful when you are using a Heating Mat underneath your tray to aid in seed germination and root development in colder climates. The dome will help prevent your medium from drying out too quickly. You also do not want your medium to stay too wet during germination as this could lead to your seed rotting. As soon as your seeds develop their second set of leaves (true leaves) you can remove the dome. Leaving it on for too long may result in fungal growth.

Tips for rooting Cuttings/Clones:

  • Humidity - High humidity levels help reduce water loss from the leaves but too much humidity can also encourage plant disease to multiply. Remove the dome once a day to air out the tray and wipe off any condensation that has collected on the inside of the dome as it will interfere with the light reaching the cuttings. Cuttings will not be able to spend their whole lives under the dome so as soon as your cutting has rooted take off the dome to start allowing it to adapt to life out in the open.
  • Heat - Cold temperatures will slow down root formation so it is always advisable to use a heat mat underneath your Humidity Dome to introduce some warmth. Too much heat however will force the cuttings to produce top growth instead of roots which will use up food reserves in the cutting.
  • Light - They will require a low light area so you can introduce a low-intensity light such as a CFL (Compact Fluorescent) if you don't have an area that gets low-intensity light naturally. If you are incorporating a CFL light be sure to have it no closer than 30cm away from the dome.
  • Keeping things sterile - Before a cutting has rooted it is incredibly susceptible to infection, just like an open wound, so all equipment used during the process should be sterilised. When using our Cut-Copy Rooting gel always decant some into a shot glass rather than dipping the cutting straight into the bottle to prevent contaminating the whole bottle.
  • Watering - Cuttings will not require any nutrients until they have established roots and in fact prefer an inert medium to root in. The main reason plants form roots is to search for water so be sure not to over-water in the initial stages. Rather get a spray bottle and mist the leaves as this is how they will 'drink' until their roots have established to serve that purpose.

Dimensions 38cm x 28cm x 17cm

For more information on how to successfully root your cuttings check out our Guide to Successful Rooted Cuttings


Dimensions: L 550mm W 290mm H 240mm

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