Hydroponics - Controlled Grow Environment - Water & Nutrients

Essentially, Hydroponics is a method of growing produce without soil as your medium by using a combination of water and nutrients.The word Hydroponics originated from Greek etymology and can be broken down into two sections – 'Hydro' meaning water and 'Ponos' meaning labou...

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What is Aquaponics? Sustainable Food, Profitable Growing Systems

Aquaponics is very similar to Hydroponics in that nutrient-rich water is fed to your plants to enable them to grow strong and healthy. The main difference between the two? Hydroponic consists of providing nutrients through a liquid or powder-based mineral from that you add ...

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Guide to Permaculture Practice , Principles & Courses

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centred around creating a sustainable and self-sufficient habitat for yourself. Essentially, Permaculture means to create a Permanent Culture by applying the principles and ethics of sustainable living and l...

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