Cut-Copy | Advanced Rooting Gel Formulation

Cloning gel is used widely to promote and accelerate root formation of plant clippings and to reduce transplant shock of non-food ornamental nursery stock. Our rooting accelerator is also used on fruit and vegetable crops, field crops and ornamental plants to promote growth development of flowers and fruit and to increase crop yields. Cut-Copy contains ingredients that are the most effective and widely used rooting accelerators in the world.

Cut-Copy Advanced Rooting Gel formulation is designed to stimulate root development within days of taking your cuttings / clones. Say goodbye buying and to seed collection, and welcome Cut-Copy advanced rooting formulation, designed to help you save your plant genetics and speed up grow cycles by cutting down on lengthy germination periods.

Try Cut-Copy today for outstanding performance and results. You won’t be disappointed and the change to Cut-Copy can take place right now!

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