Boom Bloom

by Bud Juice
R 315.00

Boom Bloom is a biological flowering supplement. Boom Bloom is designed specifically to increase flower production and yields by inducing prolific flowering. Boom Bloom contains readily available phosphorous and potassium both key players in flower and bud formation, transported by our organic acid carriers which eliminate lock up and maximizing the availability of your grow.

Used in conjunction with TNT and a must for all soils and coco substrates.



N (Nitrogen) 1.8%

P (Phosphorus) 7.5%

K (Potassium) 20.6%

Micro (g/kg)

C (Carbon) 5.8%

Humic Acid 9.8%

Fulvic Acid 7.5%

Recommended feeding schedule:

Download TNT Bud Juice Feeding Schedule

For Best results use with TNT Bud Juice & Symbionics

Dilute by mixing with water to achieve the desired concentration measured as ml/ per litre of water.

Use within 24hours after mixing solution.

Bloom Stage 

2-5ml / per liter of water twice a week increasing dosage as your flowers/bud develop and ripen.


Water only  pH 5.8 - 6.2

10-14 days before harvest.

Available in 500ml and 1L

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