Bud Juice-Symbionics

R 110.00


500ml 1L 5L

Bud Juice-Symbionics

R 110.00


500ml 1L 5L

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Product description

Bud Juice Symbionics is the answer to a biological friendly natural organic molasses, an instant food source for your substrates microbial population. Fermented molasses + Amino Acids.

Designed specifically to increase the amount of nutrient uptake in your crops.

Symbionics does not only contain beneficial sugars but potassium and essential amino acids.

Working in symbiosis with soil microbial population, taking your home grow from seed to weed.

This can be used during the vegetative cycle and the flowering/blooming cycle.


Macro (g/kg)

N (Nitrogen) 1.0%

P (Phosphorus) 0.1%

K (Potassium) 4.2%

MG (Magnesium) 0.8%

CA (Calcium) 5% 

S (Sulphur) 7%

Micro (g/kg)

FE (Iron) 0.34 

B (Boron) 40.0 

MN (Manganese) 10.0 

CU (Copper) 0.6

ZN (Zinc) 1.1 

Si (Silicon) 18.0

MO (Molybdenum) 0.02


C (Organic Carbon) 16% 

Humic Acid 5%

Fulvic Acid 7%

Recommended feeding schedule:

Download Symbionics Feeding Schedule

For Best results use with TNT Bud Juice & Boom Bloom

Dilute by mixing with water to achieve the desired concentration measured as ml/ per litre of water.

Use within 24hours after mixing solution.


1ml / per litre of water every 2 weeks

Veg Stage

2-4ml / per litre of water once a week

Bloom Stage 

4-2ml / per litre of water once a week 


Water only  pH 5.8 - 6.2

10-14 days before harvest.


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