TNT Bud Juice

R 199.00


500ml 1L 5L

TNT Bud Juice

R 199.00


500ml 1L 5L

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Product description

Bud Juice's TNT (Total Nutrient Transfer) is a specially formulated smart plant nutrient design to give your grow what it needs when it needs it most.

TNT Bud Juice nutrient has been designed specifically for the vegetative cycle of your plants. With TNT Bud Juice being a one-part perfectly balanced biological base plant nutrient, you can be confident in the product having all the base macro and micronutrients required for healthy, vigorous plant growth.

Formulated from a blend of organic carriers, with naturally derived nutrients and amino acids.

Used as the base feed TNT supplies all the natural base elements including amino, humic and fluvic acids, organic carbon, and trace elements.

Essentially for growing indoor and outdoor.

Recommended Feeding Schedule:

Dilute by mixing with water to the desired concentration measured as ml/1L water.

  • Seedlings Stage 1-2ml/L (Once a week)
  • Vegetative Stage 2-5ml/L (Once a week)
  • Bloom Stage 4-2ml/L (Once a week)

Download TNT Bud Juice Feeding Schedule

For Best results use with Boom Bloom & Symbionics

Nutrient Analysis 


Macro (g/kg)

N (Nitrogen) 80

P (Phosphorus) 20

K (Potassium) 40

Mg (Magnesium) 1

Ca (Calcium) 18

Micro (mg/kg)

Fe (Iron) 280

Mn (Manganese) 170

Cu (Copper) 130

Zn (Zinc) 120

B (Boron) 160

Mo (Molybdenum) 135


C (Organic Carbon)

Humic Acid

Fulvic Acid

Amino Acids

pH: 5.4

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