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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Gavita Master Controller EL2

by Gavita
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Lighting control at your finger tips with the Gavita Master Controller EL2! The industry standard controller for e-series fixtures for large rooms or double “flip/flop” configurations, with optional auxiliary equipment contactors (ECMs) and alarm contact outputs.

The Master Controller EL2 is the entry level system for controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures centrally. It is a double port controller for a large single room or two rooms in a flip/flop situation (2 flowering rooms). This is specifically convenient when you have limited power: you can run two flowering rooms in inverse schedules, without overloading your electrical supply.

Now you can switch, dim and boost all your fixtures from a central point, while safeguarding your crop with the advanced temperature safety features. Installation is plug-and-play using the cables and splitters that are included with the controller and the e-series fixtures.

On top of the double output ports you have connections to Gavita’s ECM units, which allow you to switch auxiliary equipment during the lights-on and light-off periods, even for flip/flop rooms!

Official Gavita accessories! We are an authorised Gavita distributor & dealer in South Africa.


  • 24 hour timer (on/off): Yes
  • Set output level: 50-115%
  • Select ballast type: 400/600/750/1000W
  • Show output as W or %: Yes
  • Auto-dim at set temp: Yes
  • Auto shutdown at set temp: Yes
  • Sunrise / sunset period: Yes
  • Outputs: 2 (main/aux)
  • Number of ballasts per output: 40
  • Total number of ballasts: 80 (either in one room or 2x40 in 12/12)
  • Temperature sensors: 2 (for two rooms 12/12)
  • Alarm contacts NO/NC: Yes
  • External Contactor Modules (ECM): 2 optional
  • Warranty: 3 years
Easy - The Master Controllers are extremely easy to set-up. The two-line green OLED display is sharp and easy to read, even in a high light intensity environment, and all menu items are in plain text. The 4-button control of the menu system is intuitive. A special fifth button is added to directly set the output of your fixtures. Red and blue LEDs show you the output status of your controller ports, and give you a quick view of any error indications.
The wiring system is plug-and-play, with all the cables you need already included with each e-series fixture. The manual also describes how you can make bespoke cables for any length. Different lengths of control cables are also available as original Gavita accessories.
The mounting of the controller in a bracket makes it easy to mount. Two screws are all you need to install the mounting bracket, the controller clicks right in. This also enables you easy access to the wiring at the bottom of the controller.
Safe - The most important and valued safety features on the Master controller are the temperature safety features: Your lamps will automatically dim when your climate control is no longer able to maintain the correct temperature, or will even shut down your lamps when a maximum temperature is reached, safeguarding your crop.
The control signal is a safe analog low voltage signal, and the controller is protected from signal shortcuts in the wiring. Wiring faults do not kill your controller.
Last but not least the EL2 offers you alarm contacts (NO and NC) to seamlessly integrate your controller in your alarm and monitoring systems. Whenever there is a calamity (power outage, emergency shutdown or sensor failure) the alarm contacts will switch, notifying you of the fact that you will need to take action.
Flexible - Whether you control 2 fixtures of 1000: the Master Controller EL1 will do the job, when adding the booster modules you need. Standard, each EL2 output can steer 40 fixtures. In a one-room configuration it controls 80 fixtures right out of the box. In a multi-room “flip/flop” flowering configuration it controls 40 fixtures in each room. The number of fixtures can be expanded with booster modules. For large rooms or distant placement we have temperature probes with a long lead available.
The EL2 has outputs for two External Contactor Modules, which are also plug and play. These ECMs can switch auxiliary equipment, such as CO2 untis and heaters, during the lights-on or lights-off period.

Features & Benefits:

  • Switch, dim and boost centrally - Now you have complete control over the light cycle and the output of your fixtures from one single point. Never reach to a ballast again!
  • Easy installation - The complete installation is plug-and-play. Every e-series fixture comes with all necessary cables to install it on the e-series control bus.
  • Simple programming - Setting up the controller is a breeze, with a 5 language text interface in plain language on a high quality OLED display.
  • Crop safety - autodim - In extreme conditions the Master Controller automatically dims your lights, so your plants will survive the high heat.
  • Crop protection – auto-shutdown - When cooling or ventilation fails, the Master Controller automatically switches off your lights, preventing imminent damage to your crop (or worse).
  • Extra signaling LEDs - In a glance you can see the status of your lights and alarms by the blue and red signaling LEDs. No need to read the status screen. Alarms will even be remembered.
  • Alarm notifications - The EL2 is equipped with alarm ports, that easily connect to your existing alarm system. You will get notifications when the power fails, a temperature probe fails of when there was an emergency shutdown due to a extremely high room temperature.
  • Flip/flop - The two ports on the EL2 can be used in conjunction for the same room, or separate in alternating 12/12 cycle (“flip/flop”), enabling you to effectively have two flowering on one controller.
  • Separate room temperature sensors - In flip/flop mode, crops in both rooms are protected by the auto-dim and auto-shutdown features.
  • Sunrise/sunset - To prevent for example climate (humidity) problems at the end of the cycle you can program a sunrise/sunset period.
  • Controls 1-1200 ballasts - Whether you use it on one light for convenience and crop safety, or in large climate rooms that have hundreds of lights, the EL2 can handle it! 40 ballasts can be connected to each of the two output ports, but by using 3 B200 boosters on each port you increase the output capacity to 1200 ballasts!
  • Controls auxiliary equipment - Using the ECM1 modules, you can use the controller to switch equipment such as CO2, dehumidifiers and fans based on lights-on or lights-off status, even in two different rooms with opposite cycles (flip/flop).

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