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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton

Lumii BLACK Reflector

by Lumii
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The LUMii BLACK Reflector is an exceptional lighting accessory that every indoor gardener and horticulturist should have in their arsenal. This Dutch Barn-Style, Euro Reflector is an ideal solution for growers who require a cost-effective yet high-performing reflector for their indoor gardening endeavors.

This reflector is designed to optimize light distribution within your grow space, ensuring that your plants receive maximum light exposure from your grow lamp. Its reflective surface has been specifically engineered to ensure that it reflects as much light as possible towards your plants, which results in increased yields and a more fruitful harvest.

One of the most impressive features of the LUMii BLACK Euro Reflector is its size. Measuring 130mm in height, 380mm in width, and 510mm in length, this reflector is capable of accommodating a wide range of grow lamps, making it a versatile lighting solution for any indoor garden.

Additionally, the LUMii BLACK Reflector comes complete with a lamp holder and a 5m cord set, which makes it incredibly easy to install and use. The lamp holder has been designed to ensure that your grow lamp stays securely in place, while the 5m cord set gives you the flexibility to position your reflector wherever you need it within your grow space.

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