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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton
Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton
EHG Nutrient Collection

Easy Hydro Grow - Nutrients for Hydroponics in South Africa

Easy Hydro Grow (EHG) manufactures nutrients for hydroponics in South Africa and is a similar copy of the famous General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrient range.

GHE Flora Series was discontinued in our country for some time due to the range not being registered with the Department of Agriculture. During this dark time, Easy Hydro Grow developed their nutrient range to serve the hydroponic market in South Africa. EHG Grow, EHG Micro & EHG Bloom were developed and has become a low cost alternative and favourite for growers at hydro stores / grow shops.

A couple years later, Easy Hydro Grow, based in Assagay Durban, developed a couple more products to add to their range. They've added a Coco Micro for the Coco Peat growers and additionally now have a home brand EHG pH up & EHG pH down solution.

"Easy Hydro Grow" nutrients are suitable for all kinds of soil-less growing including Aeroponics, Bubbleponics, Deep Water Culture, Nutrient Film Technique, Flood and Drain, and top-feed hydro systems using any hydroponic media. They are also highly effective and can achieve spectacular results in soil fertigation which is recommended for beginners who may not have the confidence and experience for hydroponic techniques.

EHG Grow, Micro and Bloom are a three part liquid nutrient system and are combined in different ratios depending on the state of the plants’ development. EHG Ripener provides an extra boost in late flowering for massive harvests. Whether you are a novice or an expert, growing indoor or outdoor, the EHG products will provide the nutrient profile you require for every stage of your plants’ growth.

ARTICLE UPDATE : EHG Coco Micro is now available. Typically the difference is the calcium content and is best suited to growers using coco peat as a substrate or growing medium.

For ease of use, precision and versatility, multi-part liquid nutrients are the world-wide answer to growers’ needs. EHG’s formulations were conceptualised in 2010 by the current directors of EHG in response to the unreliable supply extremely high cost of overseas products.

An easy to follow Feeding Chart is available for Easy Hydro Grow, however in the long term it is better to adapt the feeding charts to your plants requirements as nutrient feeding charts from nutrient manufacturers are notoriously incorrect.

It's important to ensure the nutrients are accessible to the plant by buffering the nutrient solution into the correct range for nutrient uptake using pH Up & pH Down

Consider buying a pH Meter & EC meter to be successful in hydroponic growing. EC meter will gauge strength while the pH meter will allow you to provide the nutrients in an accessible range for the plant variety.

Most products in the hydroponic grow environment can be used to grow plants in both hydroponics and aquaponics but please do consult with a fish expert to find out if the fish can tolerate what you are putting in.

Do you have an opinion on Easy Hydro Grow nutrients? Share your comments below!

We stock a wide variety of nutrients from global brands and manufacturers.

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Tony Venning Thomas - January 27, 2020

Hi I would like to make my own nutrient mix for very growing , beens , tomatoes ,
can you give me a formula to produce this
Thanks Tony

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