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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton
How to increase your indoor yield with CO2

How to increase your indoor yield with CO2

Did you know? You can increase your yield by simply supplementing CO2 in your grow tent or grow room!

Some say that increasing the CO2 in your grow environment can increase your yield by 100% or more. While other studies show that CO2 injection into your environment can see a 40% increase. Either way, anything from 30% should make you smile. Growth in veg is prolific and yields in flowering are explosive.

The math is simple: If you would normally achieve 100 units in a grow cycle, you will now get between 130 and 200 units from the same square meterage of grow space. That's a great return!

Indoor gardening with CO2 can be tricky, as too much could kill your plants.

Are you wondering how to increase your yields with CO2?

We have a range of tools and equipment to monitor, dose and maintain optimum CO2 levels.

Generally speaking, we have about 350-400ppm at sea level here in South Africa. (This increases gradually due to global warming)

Most popular plant varieties can tolerate and make use of CO2 levels from 1200-1500ppm max. This is also determined by the plant variety, strain, genetics and growing conditions. Best advice would be to go easy, monitor CO2 & potential stress. CO2 supplements can be used for plants in hydroponics or soil based grow mediums.

Types of CO2 dosing & enrichment methods:

CO2 Generators

CO2 burners or propane burners

They generate CO2 by burning up oxygen in the environment. These would normally be connected to a controller which would turn the device on and off when required.

TNB Naturals

TNB Naturals, an all natural CO2 product manufactured in Canada. 

TNB Natural's flagship product "The Enhancer" is a safe & easy to use CO2 product. It generates no heat as apposed to other methods. It's potency makes it a very popular solution for indoor grow tents and gardens as one canister can dose an area of 3.6 x 3.6m. It will produce CO2 for about two weeks, gently tapering off. The Enhancer refill pack is now available and so most growers grab one canister and 2-3 refill packs for their grow. Using The Enhancer is easy! Simply add 1 litre of warm water to the container, shake, peal back the label on the lid and enjoy the benefits.

CO2 Canisters, CO2 Regulators & CO2 Controllers

To setup a long term CO2 solution, one would typically need three items.

  1. Canister of CO2 which would be connected to a CO2 Regulator.
  2. CO2 Regulator - Regulators have a built in solenoid valve which allows for accurate control and dosing when turned on and off. The flow rate can also be controlled on the regulator. Ideally you would want to connect your CO2 regulator to a CO2 Controller.
  3. CO2 Controller - CO2 controllers use infrared sensing technology to determine the amount of CO2 in your grow space. You set the required amounts of CO2 on the device initially. The Controller will turn the CO2 regulator on and off as required to achieve your desired CO2 levels. You would want the controller to function during the lights on period. If the controller does not allow for setting or sensing to do so automatically you would need to connect it to a timer or a Gavita Master Controller & ECM Module.


There's always the home method of yeast and sugar however we don't recommend it as it is not a sustainable solution, attracts pests, stinks, and is not effective comparing to any of the other methods which are available to increase the CO2 in your grow room or grow tent. 


**IMPORTANT: Be careful of freezing your tank. Too much flow can freeze up your regulator and potentially cause an explosion.

**Increased CO2 allows for increased nutrient uptake.

Maximize your yields this season - Supplement CO2!

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Johann Fritz - November 18, 2018

Can I use the CO2 given off from brewing craft beer? How much beer will I need?

Sean - June 27, 2018

Do I need to continue adding co2 once flowering starts?

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